Tech of the self

Due to the mobile and accessible nature of mobile technologies, also with 90% of the world owning a mobile  it is no wonder that it seems to be everyone seems to preoccupied with the small screens in their hands than the world around them. The internet is no longer restricted to desk top computers, the new generation of mobile phones or smart phones offer internet capabilities for those on the go. As this new technology has enhanced people’s lives it has also cluttered their lives with this constant connectivity. Rarely any more are people disconnected from the internet and being preoccupied with what is happening on the World Wide Web has taken away from the users experience with the world around them.

Not only does this constant link with the rest of the world offer a chance to be kept up to date but it also offers others a chance to track you. Many social media applications such as Instagram take your location whenever you share something. With many users not reading the terms and conditions they are completely un aware that they are giving others the chance to track all their movements through the apps on their phones.

This whole ‘big brother is watching you’ aspect has two sides to it really. At one point the user enjoys showing off their lives as if they were a celebrity to all their friends, posting photos and sharing their thoughts they have been conditioned to want the ‘likes’ or approval of those in their online community.  But on the other side it’s about who is looking at the content you post which is made even more terrifying by the phrase ‘digital information never dies’.


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