Thinking of the topic of media convergence where media cross over multiple platforms. One of the most notable examples it the ‘Bert is evil’ saga. 

       A high school student purely out of his own entertainment photo-shopped Sesame Street’s Bert into photos with famous dictators and then set up a website displaying his work. How ever this would have been all fun and games until a protester searched for photos of Osama bin Laden on Google and printed one of the doctored photos with Bert in it. This photo then found its way to CNN. This is just one example of how media can cross different platforms, from its starting point of a children show, to Photoshop, to a website where the character took on a whole new identity. Then printed out and placed on picket signs this picture then made its way around the world through the coverage of this protest. 

How ever this isn’t just an isolated case of texts converging over platforms and gaining new meaning.

 George Orwell s 1984 converged from a book to a movie.

The Trailer: 


Then apple adopted the ideas of fighting against a totalitarian government in their advertising campaign. Their ad in the Superbowl cited 1984 and aimed to show consumers that the market for software didn’t have to just be dominated by IBM and that competition was good for them allowing the consumer more freedom and choice.   
The Super Bowl Ad:


Then a fan in 2007 took Apples ad about rising up against a ‘mind numbing dictator’ and added images of Barack Obama as the person throwing the hammer against dictator ship. 

Fans ad:

This was completely independent of Obama’s political campaign but still viewers were captured by their prior knowledge of George Orwell’s 1984 ad the ideas that it stood for.


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