Participatory culture creating a shared culture.

As the use of the internet has grown and become more common place in our everyday lives it has given audiences a two-way channel in their consumption of certain media. This two-way channel gives audiences the opportunity to share their experiences with a vast community of people who can share their own thoughts on the same subject. Reading a book or watching a movie is no longer solely a private thing for the consumer and their surrounding physical community. Just as the internet has enabled audiences to consume their favorite media at the times that suits their lives, the internet also gives audiences a digital platform where they can engage and interact socially about their favorite television shows, books, movies, etc. The active audience member engages with communities online through forums or blogs in which they can discuss with other like-minded individuals their thoughts and opinions about the content of this specific media. Not only is the location of each audience member irrelevant but also time, due to the constant connectivity of some internet users or the time difference for each user. This sharing of ideas and opinions is not constricted to the geographic location of the user any more, the internet and the active audience has helped to progress the movement of globalization. By recognizing shared hobbies and opinions it brings the audience closer as they see their similarities.
The consumer can share their thoughts and ideas at any time of the day whether it’s while they drink their morning coffee or after they get home from their busy lives. They can gain feedback or engage in discussion at the times that suit them. There is no longer the need to wait for conventions for audience members to get together; the audience are all but a click away from their online community and a few key taps away from expressing their ideas.


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