Participatory culture and the “benefits” for producers

Not only are consumers granted the chance to discuss and build on aspects of media through forums and fan fiction, but it has also given the producers of this content the opportunity to view the reaction to plot twists (Jenkins, 2006. p.2). The act of making fan fiction displays the idea of the shift of the consumer towards the pro-sumer. The pro-sumer not only consumes said media but they also have a hand at producing it. Fan fiction takes the general plot twist and gives the audience the chance to re write any aspects they want. They can then share this online and gain feed back. 


I argue that the role of the active audience has changed the way that media is produced. Producers of media are in an age where they can gauge their audiences response to everything with such an ease never experienced before. Key groups and surveys can only give the information that the researchers ask for, but online forums give the audience a much broader scope to supply feed back. They also allow for ideas to grow and change with the influence of the audience.



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