The chicken or the egg?

Whether the internet has fundamentally changed how society acts and interacts is an interesting topic. Technological determinism wold argue that digital technology has changed the way people think. Before this technology was around society didn’t have the same impulses to over share their lives away through social media or submerse themselves in gaming media. How ever the flip side of this is the that of social determinism, where these values of submersion in media were ever present in society long before technology and that the need to share their lives with others is what led to the creation of certain digital technologies. Very much like the argument of which came first the chicken or the egg?, Did the internet give the chance for society to change? Or did ever present needs in society create the opportunity for digital technology to thrive.

 Thinking about it imagine a world where digital technology was present centauries earlier. Would people across Europe have contributed to forums about the latest Shakespeare play or signed online petitions calling for  a democratic system in government? Although people would have been more informed on the on goings with in their society, the global community would not have thrived as much as it is today with the wars over land still dividing nations.


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